On the net

The requirements for websites and web applications are steadily rising. Not only the sheer amount of different devices making it chellanging to develop a state of the art web application, but also the grown needs of visitors and content administrators:

It would be a pleasure for me to support you to achieve this challenging requirements. Don’t hesitate to get it touch with me!

Ready for mobile devices

Gradually the gaps between desktop, mobile and web applications are filled up with hybrid apps, which run on multiple \ platforms and a wide range of devices. Don’t wait - jump on the bandwagon and benefit from this trend!

What have to be considered, when such apps are developed? How to keep the development costs low?

Questions, which we could discuss in a personal discussion. I accompany you from the idea to the published app and for I also like to do maintenance work or doing adjustments to a existing product.

I don’t reinvent the wheel, ..

.. but I try to improve it! To save time and money, it’s important to me to relay on tried and tested utilities, such which already proved themself in the market. Additionally, this can lead to a more robust and secure products. The ideology of free and open-sourced software, makes it possible to reuse the work of others, to extend it and publicate it again. Luckily, it’s quite common to do so and there are many products from which others can benefit.