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Sensitization against social engineering attacks

  • Duration
    • usually a full workday
  • Emphasis
    • Schutz der persönlichen Daten
    • Erkennen von Angreiffern

Time and again there are headlines about data theft and loss, although a lot of money, time and technology has been invested in securing the affected systems. In such cases, the human factor was often underestimated.

Are visitors sometimes left alone in your company? Are the network connections in your meeting rooms protected against unauthorized access? What do you do with computers and laptops after a trade fair? Are your employees aware of what data about them can be found on the Internet?

With the help of your employees, attackers often open inroads for attacks. Technical measures to prevent this often have no effect and the attacks of this kind are becoming increasingly sophisticated and, above all, more personal.

With our training on social engineering attacks, we would like to use impressive examples and interactive tasks to raise awareness of such attacks among you and your employees.

We would be happy to take the time to plan the procedure with you in a personal meeting and to prepare an individual training.

Get in touch with us. We look forward to letting the attackers run into the void together with you and your employees.