About this page

Already in 2008, I’ve registered this domain and mostly used it as a platform for experiments. Sometime ago I started to breath life into

As the logo imply, I want to use this website to get in touch with like-minded people and to do some networking. It should be a platform to publish articles and projects I’m working on. Furthermore I want to give back something to the internet community.



My name is Robin Bühler. I live in a small village, which is half an hour away from Zurich. It’s called Eglisau.

From a young age I was enthusiastic about technology. Especially computers and software development cought my interest. I like to develop web applications and apps for mobile devices. Also in the future, I intend to focus on this topics and elaborate my knowledge about it.

Apart of bits and bytes, I like to do sport. Be it jogging, a round of badminton or dancing salsa. With backpacking and traveling I try to cure my wanderlust. I like to discover foreign countries and learning about cultures and languages.