Welcome to my website. On this website I represents myself and the experiences I made, when I was fiddeling around with technology related stuff. You are invited to explore this website and to contact me, if you have questions.

Run commands when file changes on Linux

Many of us have experienced the repetetive task, to reload something after something else has changed. Such tasks eating up time and furthermore, they are quite frustrating. That's where entr enters the stage.

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In my weblog, I'm writing about experiences and discoveries, which I made at work or when I was fiddeling around with programming languages and other computer related topics. You can find my publications here. Don't hesitate to drop a comment or to contact me. I'm always interested in opinions of others.


Check out the projects I'm working on. Some of them are personal ones, but you can also find commissioned projects. You are happily invited to contribute to them. Have a look at my projects.


Team up with me! It's a pleasure for me to share my knowledge and enthusiasm to like-minded people. Let's publicate a website together or create a innovative application for computers and mobile devices. Get more details about my offers.

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Über mich

My name is Robin Bühler. For some time now, I'm living in Eglisau, which is located in the north of Switzerland, next to the Rhine.

Form an early age. I'm enthusiastic about technology. Chiefly I'm interested in the development of web and mobile applications, but I'm not averse to other information technology branches.

Apart of bits and bytes, I like to be athletic. I regularly go jogging and dance Salsa and like to play badminton. As often as possible I satisfy my wanderlust with backpacking. It fascinates me to get in touch with other cultures and languages.