STO Immobilien GmbH

For our customer STO Immobilien AG was a new website created. Grav is the basis and content-management system of their new website. The design was adapted from the existent flyers. Due the good cooperation it was possible to fulfill all requirements cost efficiently.

Feelix AG

Feelix offers environmentally friendly car rental and adventures with top-notch electric cars. As a part of the development team, we help to extend their website and booking platform.


Run commands when file changes on Linux

14 Dec 16 23:09 +0100

Actually the name entr is an acronym for Event Notify Test Runner and has nothing to do with the word enter, but I always associate entr with it, because it helps me to get rid off of many ALT-TAB and ENTER strokes. There are ready-to-install packages for Debian and Ubuntu. This packages can be installed with apt-get install entr. If you are on MacOS you can install it via Homebrew with brew install entr.